Core Values

No one is beyond God's love or ability to use and bless, so we need to love all.

Integrity matters more than anything we will ever say.

We need to be stewards of our time, money and resources, including education and talents. 

All gifts are given for the building up of the body. If we neglect to use our gifts by doing things that have to be done, or by not acting at all, we are denying the body of what God has given us to use to be a blessing for the kingdom!

About me as a minister:

I am a real life ordain minister in the RCA.  I have been a pastor since 2005 and have worked with more than six churches in both part time and full time roles.

Currently I am working as a transitional pastor helping churches identify where they are on a life curve, find Gods calling for them in their community and helping them find the person(s) who will help them live into that calling.  

Additionally, I continue to explore what a digital faith community could be and am following God's calling to see what that may look like.  I stream reading the Bible on Twitch, set up Digital pastor networks there, and work with TheChurch.Digital as the Relationship Director.   

About me as a person:

I have been married for 29yrs and have three adult children and two son-in-laws.  

I have a koi pond that I love to sit by and listen to the water.  I enjoy riding by bicycle.  I work on repairing bicycles and get them to someone who needs one.  

Oh yeah, I like hats and shoes.  So you might see pics, if I get any new ones.  I also, make my own wine.  That is my covid hobby.

I discovered fasting as a lifestyle about four years ago.  I lost more that 25% of my body weight and have kept it off.  I currently do OMAD (one meal a day) and fast additionally for both health and spiritual benefits.